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Meet a Viatorian

Associate Juliann Dwyer
Associate Juliann Dwyer plays a crucial role at St. Thomas More Catholic Community in Henderson, Nevada. She is the director of religious education at... Read more.
Associate Patty Wischnowski
On any given day, Associate Patty Wischnowski — a registered nurse — can be found working along side Viatorians. At her home parish, Maternity... Read more.
Fr. John Peeters, CSV
Fr. John Peeters added a new ministry, serving on the executive board of the Bishop McNamara Catholic school system in the Bourbonnais and Kankakee... Read more.
Associate Dan Schwarz
Associate Dan Schwarz holds a unique distinction within the Viatorian Community: He has spent more than 35 years in broadcast media. Along the way,... Read more.
Fr. Bill Haesaert, CSV
On any given day, Fr. William Haesaert, CSV, can be found assisting in pastoral ministry at St. Viator Catholic Community in Las Vegas, or... Read more.
Fr. Larry Lentz, CSV
Fr. Larry Lentz grew up being taught by Viatorians at Griffin High School for Boys in Springfield, and in his early ministry he followed... Read more.
Associate Paul Hartz
Associate Paul Hartz holds a distinction within the Viatorian Community: He is the only police officer in the group, working for the Las Vegas Public... Read more.
Associate Julie Baker
Associate Julie Baker is a registered nurse, who has worked as a staff nurse, a nurse manager, a nursing educator and now a school... Read more.
Associate Karen Cutler
A little over one year ago, Associate Karen Cutler took over as director of the Viatorian Youth Congress, one of the most vibrant ways Viatorians... Read more.
Br. Carlos Ernesto Flórez
Back in 2016, Br. Carlos Ernesto Flórez, CSV, closed out his role as a trusted councilor of Fr. Alain Ambeault, CSV, superior general, signaling... Read more.
Meet Associate Brian Barrett
Associate Brian Barrett dates his association with the Viatorians back to his youth, when he moved with his family to Las Vegas and entered... Read more.
Meet Associate Susan Surprenant
Associate Susan Surprenant cannot remember a time without Viatorians in her life. The Kankakee native grew up in St. Rose of Lima Parish, where... Read more.
Meet Associate Hector Obregon-Luna
Associate Hector Obregon-Luna brings an accomplished background to the Viatorian Community. He has served as director of religious education and youth ministry at St. Viator... Read more.
Meet Br. Daniel Tripamer, CSV
Br. Daniel Tripamer, CSV, returned two years ago to his alma mater, Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, to teach math and help... Read more.
Meet Fr. Jason Nesbit, CSV
It was a natural when after seven years as associate pastor, Fr. Jason Nesbit, CSV, was named pastor of Maternity of the Blessed Virgin... Read more.
Meet Fr. Moses Mesh, CSV
Fr. Moses Mesh, CSV, jumped right in after joining the pastoral staff two years ago at St. Viator Parish in Chicago. The native of... Read more.
Br. Donald Houde, CSV
Br. Don Houde, CSV, spent more than 40 years in education — as a teacher, administrator — including seven years as principal of Saint... Read more.
Associate Patrick Mahoney
His connection to the Viatorians stretches back 47 years, but over the last five years Pat Mahoney has deepened that connection even more. He... Read more.
Associate Kim Martinez
Viatorian Associate Kim Martinez holds a special role at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas: as one of two campus ministers in the school, she leads... Read more.