Like many Viatorians, Br. Edwin Barreto, CSV, discerned his calling to religious life through discussions with other Viatorians, especially Fr. Rafael Sanabria, CSV, his pre-novice master.

Br. Edwin Alfonso Barreto, far left, was among four brothers to profess first vows last year. They included: Br. Jhon Alexander Avellaneda, Fr. Daniel Hall, Provincial, Br. Parmenio Enrique Medina and Br. Juan David Ramierez

Br. Edwin made his first profession of vows one year ago. Once he completed his university studies in philosophy and Spanish — in August — he began teaching language and literature to primary grade students at Colegio San Viator in Bogotá.

Br. Edwin comes from a devout Catholic family in the city of Ibagué, which is in the center of Colombia’s coffee region. He is one of four brothers, whose father is a retired police officer and their mother is a kindergarten teacher. Their paternal aunt, however, is a member of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, a religious order founded in Colombia.

“She has been an example and model in my religious life,” Br. Edwin says.

Br. Edwin Alfonso Barreto, CSV

Br. Edwin says he was drawn to the Viatorians because of their charism, prayer life and pastoral work with people of all ages.

“I was motivated by that spirit of service, brotherhood, and ability to find spaces of intimacy with God,” he says. “I wanted to be with men who find joy in being ready to contribute their abilities for the benefit of others.”

Br. Edwin hopes to advance the Viatorian charism and joy of religious life to his students, while teaching them more about the vocation of being a religious brother.

“Being a Viatorian has enriched my life,” Br. Edwin says. “It has given me the opportunity to put my skills and abilities at the service of the community — and bring to life the legacy of our founder, Fr. Querbes.”