Discernment Resources

Viatorian Resources for Discernment

Discerning God’s Invitation : Hear in this video how these Viatorians came to a clear understanding of how God was inviting them to religious life with the Viatorians.

Exploring God’s Invitation: A Starting Guide to Discernment : This resource is perfect for someone who seeks to do more intentional discernment but who needs a more thorough introduction to the important areas of discernment. The discerner can use this booklet to do a self-guided reflection that will help them determine where they’re at with respect to their vocation and decide on how to proceed.


Viatorian Media

Learn the discernment and vocation biographies of both professed Viatorians and Viatorian associates:

Get a deeper dive into the nature of Viatorian religious life from Br. Peter Lamick, CSV: Br. Peter wrote this reflection for the international Viatorian Community, and he shared this video reflection through NRVC for National Vocation Awareness Week in 2020:

Viatorian Vocation Ministry belongs to the National Religious Vocations Conference (NRVC), which offers some great resources to discerners:

  • Celibacy Quiz: Do you understand what the vow of celibacy entails? Try taking this brief quiz to better understand what celibate living means.
  • VocationMatch: As part of the Vision Vocation Network, discerners can take a survey quiz that can help match them to communities whose interests align with theirs. Vision also puts out an annual magazine with ads and content about religious communities for discerners, which you can view online here.

Discernment Graphics

Check out and consider saving some of these shorthand discernment aids that help with the areas and elements of good discernment:

What is discernment?

What is vocation?

How can I pray well in discernment?

What lenses can aid my discernment?

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