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Meet a Viatorian

Br. Elkin Mendoza, CSV
It was the opportunity to lead a life of faith and one dedicated to science that first drew Br. Elkin Mendoza, CSV, to the... Read more.
Br. Edwin Alfonso Barreto, CSV
Like many Viatorians, Br. Edwin Barreto, CSV, discerned his calling to religious life through discussions with other Viatorians, especially Fr. Rafael Sanabria, CSV, his... Read more.
Associate Deborah Perez
Associate Deborah Perez came to know the Viatorians at her parish, St. Viator Catholic Community in Las Vegas. She and her husband, Romeo became... Read more.
Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV, Provincial
On behalf of the entire Viatorian Community of the Province of Chicago, I welcome you to our website. Our website has been designed with... Read more.
Fr. Edwin Ruiz, CSV
From the time he was a child growing up in Medellín, Colombia, Fr. Edwin Ruiz, CSV, has known he wanted to be a teacher... Read more.
Fr. Thomas Long, CSV
Fr. Thomas Long, CSV, quietly celebrated his 50th jubilee this summer at the Provincial Assembly, among the Viatorians associates, brothers and professed in attendance.... Read more.
Associate David Surprenant
Associate David Surprenant cannot remember a time when Viatorians were not a part of his life. Literally, he was born and raised in St. George... Read more.
Br. Rob Robertson, CSV
The story of how Br. Rob Robertson, CSV, came to join the Viatorians is slightly different from that of his confreres. Unlike many of them,... Read more.
Br. Jhobany Orduz, CSV
Br. Jhobany Orduz, CSV, chose to enter the Viatorian Community after searching for a religious community that reflected his interest in social justice. He... Read more.
Br. Peter Lamick, CSV
Br. Peter Lamick, CSV, first met the Viatorians in the classrooms and on the playing fields, when he attended Saint Viator High School. He... Read more.
Fr. Patrick Render, CSV
Fr. Patrick Render, CSV, first met the Viatorians when he was a student at the former Spalding Institute in his native Peoria. They made... Read more.
Fr. Richard Pighini, CSV
Read more.
Bishop Christopher Glancy, CSV
Bishop Christopher Glancy, CSV, dates his roots with the Viatorian Community back to Alleman High School in Rock Island, IL, where he was taught by... Read more.
Fr. Michael Keliher, CSV
Read more.
Br. Michael Gosch, CSV
It was at Saint Viator High School where Br. Michael Gosch, CSV, first encountered the Viatorians as his teachers and mentors. They made such... Read more.
Fr. Daniel Belanger, CSV
Read more.
Associate Cathy Abrahamian
Read more.
Associate Jackie Dupon
Jackie Dupon spent her career as a physical therapist at Cook County Hospital, but in retirement she finds herself just as busy with the... Read more.
Associate Mary Finks
Associate Mary Finks was among the first group to make their commitments as lay associates, back in 1999, and 10 years later she made... Read more.
Associate John Ohlendorf
In the Viatorian Community, Associate John Ohlendorf is something of a pioneer, as one of the first lay associates, dating back to 1999. But he also holds another... Read more.
Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV
Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV, dates his introduction to the Viatorians back to St. Viator Parish in Chicago, which he attended while growing up on... Read more.
Fr. John Milton, CSV
Fr. John Milton, CSV, celebrates 65 years of religious life this year as well as 60 years of priesthood, but this Viatorian can be... Read more.
Associate Donna Schwarz
Associate Donna Schwarz dates her introduction to the Viatorians back to 1995, when she began working with the Office of Viatorian Missions, as an... Read more.
Br. John Eustice, CSV
Br. John Eustice, CSV, gives a vocations talk that is, well, slightly off the beaten path. In it, he points to a road trip... Read more.
Fr. Richard Rinn, CSV
Celebrating Mass in the chapel at the Viatorian Province Center — where 50 years ago he first professed his vows as a religious brother —... Read more.
Fr. Daniel Lydon, CSV
Fr. Daniel Lydon, CSV, reached 11 years of religious life this year, and six as a priest, as his journey with the Viatorians continues.... Read more.
Fr. John Van Wiel, CSV
Fr. John Van Wiel, CSV, fondly recalls his own high school years at Alleman High School in Rock Island, where he was taught by... Read more.
Br. Pat Drohan, CSV
Br. Pat Drohan, CSV, holds the unique distinction of remaining in the same ministry site for more than 50 years. He coordinates programs at... Read more.
Fr. Pedro Herrera, CSV
Fr. Pedro Herrera, CSV, holds a special place in the Viatorian Community. He was among the first group of students to attend a private school... Read more.
Fr. Charles Bolser, CSV
In his more than 50 years of religious life, Fr. Charles Bolser, CSV, has spent most of his career in high schools, first as a teacher... Read more.