Fr. Edgar Suárez first met the Viatorians when he finished his degree in philosophy at the University of Santo Tomas in Bogotá, in 1995.

Fr. Edgar Suárez during the 50th celebration of the Foundation of Colombia

At the time, he was looking for a religious congregation that would allow him to teach and do parish work. When a priest friend told him about the Viatorian Community, he met with the vocation director and began the process towards Viatorian religious life. He has never looked back.

Fr. Suarez with his young students at Colegio San Viator

Fr. Suárez entered the affiliate program (postulancy) in 1996, while he worked as a teacher in a parish school. In 1998, he completed his canonical year of novitiate in Líbano (Tolima) and professed his first vows Dec. 12, 1998, at Colegio San Viator in Bogotá.

He spent the next two years at the colegio as a religion teacher in elementary school and was a member of its scholarship committee of the school, from 1999-2000.

Beginning in 2001, Fr. Suárez began studying theology at the Javeriana University in Bogotá. That same year, on Dec. 8, 2001, he professed his perpetual vows at San Basilio Magna Parish, in the Diocese of Engativá.

Fr. Suárez oversaw the formation of postulants for three years 2002-2004, and also served as a member of Council of the Foundation of Colombia, for two terms.

Fr. Edgar Suárez at the dedication of San Viator Parish

Fr. Suárez was ordained to the priesthood June 26, 2004, at the same church where he had professed his perpetual vows, San Basilio Magna.

In his ministry as a teacher, Fr. Suárez has served as chaplain of Colegio San Viator, as a religion teacher and head of its Pastoral Team.

He also has served as a vocation director for the Viatorian Community, and in parish ministry. Fr. Suárez served as parochial vicar at San Basilio Magna, from 2005-2006 and then as its pastor from 2008-2012. He also served as parish administrator of Santa Inés of Guaymaral Parish, from 2012-2013.

Fr. Mark Francis with members of the Provincial Council: Fr. Thomas von Behren, Fr. Edgar Suarez and Br. Michael Gosch

Fr. Suárez led the Foundation of Colombia as its Superior, from 2012-2017. Currently, he serves as Archpriest of Consecrated Life in the northern zone of the Archdiocese of Bogotá, while also leading San Viator Parish in Bogotá as its pastor.

Most recently, In November 2022, Fr. Suárez was elected to his first term on the Provincial Council.