Associate David Surprenant cannot remember a time when Viatorians were not a part of his life. Literally,

Associates Susan and David Surprenant

he was born and raised in St. George Parish in Bourbonnais, where he and his wife, Associate Susan Surprenant, raised their two sons and continue to be active members.

That is, when they’re not farming. The couple farms 435 acres in all, and currently they are in the process of converting from a dairy farm into raising beef cows, all while planting and harvesting their crops of corn, beans, wheat, alfalfa and sorghum.

Their two sons help out, but it doesn’t leave time for much of anything else — except participating in their parish.

Over the years, David has led the youth group at the parish and directed its religious education program. He took a break to concentrate on his farming, but returned to teaching after making his commitment as an associate in 2006.

David Surprenant teaches confirmation classes at St. George Parish

He now prepares seventh and eighth graders to receive the sacrament of confirmation, but he also serves as a lector and has served on the parish council, including stints as its president.

At one time, David served on the vocations committee of the Viatorians, a role he was happy to accept and he currently represents the Bourbonnais/Kankakee region in serving on the Viatorian Community Council.

“I’ve seen over the decades the Viatorian charism and what that feeling can instill in a community,” he says. “The Viatorians promote education and God’s mission here among us. So many people have been touched by Viatorians in special ways that this cannot be lost.”