It has been nearly five years since Viatorians in Colombia expanded their mission and took over a school in Tunja that had previously been run by a religious order. In just five years, Colegio San Viator has transformed into a Viatorian education, namely one that is faith-based, co-educational, bilingual and pastoral, with professed Viatorians on its faculty and staff — and on its way to achieving full recognition as an International Baccalaureate School.

As Viatorians in Tunja prepare to celebrate the school’s fifth anniversary, they dedicated a new “Plaza de la Fuente” or Fountain Plaza in the garden of their community residence.

“The plaza was built with the specific objective of dedicating the space to Fr. Daniel Hall and the confreres of the Provincial Council,” said Fr. Fredy Contreras, CSV, vice rector of the school, “recognizing the support and trust provided throughout these years to the Viatorians in Tunja.”

Fr. Fredy Contreras, CSV

They dedicated the plaza on June 3, during Fr. Hall’s provincial visit. The ceremony included Viatorians who work at the school as well as administrators, members of the board of directors, and a few friends and relatives.

Fr. Contreras summed up the dedication of this sacred space: “The Viatorians, who work in this ministry in Tunja, with joy dedicate this place of meeting, reflection and prayer to our Provincial and to the brothers of the Council for their unconditional support, not only with the school, but also because of the spiritual and human support that we have always received.

Fr. Daniel Hall addresses the gathering.

“This plaza is located in the heart of our community house. In it, a water fountain is erected, which in turn represents Christ, our rock and foundation and at the same time the source of eternal life. It is composed of three rounded stones, with each one representing a person of the Holy Trinity.

Fr. Daniel Hall beside the dedication plaque that bears his name and the Provincial Council.

“We also planted four trees that represent the evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, that are nourished by the water of the fountain that is Christ. This fountain is erected next to our chapel, a place of prayer and meeting with the Lord. In the plaza there is a kiosk that offers a meeting place for our Viatorian brothers with whom we share life. At the same time, the variety of colors of the slabs of the floor represent the multiple forms and expressions of the Viatorian Community in the world.

“Fr. Daniel, on behalf of my Viatorian Brothers, I say: Thank you very much!”