The Easter promise of new life came true for the parishioners of San Viator Parish in Bogotá,  Colombia. After waiting more than eight years to obtain building permits and funding, and  patiently celebrating Mass under a tent, they were able to celebrate the triduum and Easter Mass in their new church.

“Although we still have a lot of finishing touches to do, it was motivating for the parish community to celebrate in our new place,” said Fr. Edgar Suarez, CSV, pastor.

Their latest progress even drew Monseñor Luis José Rueda Aparicio, Archbishop of Bogotá, to make a return visit. He first came out when the foundation was being dug.

Since Easter, however, Fr. Suarez and his parishioners have returned to celebrating in the tent, while work on the church continues. They also carry on with fundraising, to cover the remaining costs for what the parish needs, but they are hopeful.

The parish and its new life bear out Fr. Suarez and his commitment as a Viatorian, to raise up communities where faith is lived, deepened and celebrated.

Here is a glimpse of their celebrations during Holy Week.