You’ve heard of speed dating, but what about speed dating for vocations? The Sheil Catholic Center at Northwestern University is sponsoring just that today, as part of National Vocations Awareness Week.

Br. John Eustice meets with visitors at the Las Vegas Diocesan convention.

Br. John Eustice, CSV, director of vocation ministry for the Viatorian Community will be one of 12 religious brothers, sisters, priests and deacons meeting with Northwestern students in a speed dating format.

Sr. Belinda Monahan, OSB, Assistant Campus Minister, says students will have the opportunity to ask them about how they felt called to religious life and how they live out that call. They also will also be on hand for questions and answers in a large group format.

The Sheil Center is the latest stop for Br. Eustice. On Tuesday, he met with students at Marian University in Indianapolis and on Saturday he and Br. Peter Lamick, CSV, will promote religious life and the Viatorian Community to students on retreat at Cristo Rey St. Martin in Waukegan, IL.

Some of the Viatorians’ newest Colombian brothers, (L-R) Elkin Mendoza, John Avellaneda, Juan Ramirez, Edwin Barreto, Parmenio Medina and Luis Pedroza

Heightening awareness of the joy of religious life comes naturally for Br. Eustice, but it also comes at a time when vocations are growing in the Viatorian Community. Currently, there are seven temporary brothers, another person applying and several more discerning.

“We are blessed to have these new men,” says Br. Michael Gosch, CSV, Assistant Provincial.

Dan Masterton, left, works with Br. John Eustice, CSV, in vocation ministry for the Viatorians.

Br. Eustice believes in taking his invitation right to students. Last month, he met with students at St. Viator Catholic School in Las Vegas. Earlier in October, he met with Viatorian associates in Bourbonnais to design strategies to promote vocations in the region, and in September, he and Dan Masterton, Assistant Vocation Minister, traveled to the Las Vegas Diocesan Conference.