Fr. Jason Nesbit, CSV, has spent all of his years in pastoral ministry at Maternity BVM Parish in Bourbonnais, and as a result he has been able to accompany families through their important milestones, namely in distributing the sacraments.

Fr. Jason Nesbit, CSV, with Everett

That was the case on Sunday, when he welcomed to the table, 7-year old Everett, who received the Eucharist for the first time.

The celebration of first holy Communion one was a personal one for Fr. Jason as well as for Everett, since it brought the two of them together again, through the sacraments.

It was Fr. Jason who baptized Everett as an infant back in 2010, during his first year at Maternity, in his role as a transitional deacon.

“Everett was the first person I baptized,” Fr. Jason said. “It was a joy to be there for him at another significant moment in his spiritual life.”

Fr. Jason describes it as “spiritual mentoring.” He began to develop this sense when he served as a catechist in his formation years, preparing three different classes for first communion, and in Belize, two small groups for Confirmation.

“To see them receive the sacraments was a great joy,” Fr. Jason says. “I really care that they go back often to receive the Eucharist and are living as disciples of Jesus Christ.

“I want to see the children I have baptized grow in faith, knowledge, and love of God and neighbor,” he adds. “And so, to know that a child that I baptized is still in the area and returning to receive the Eucharist brings me great joy; I hope to see many more … just like Everett.”

Fr. Jason epitomizes a part of the core mission of the Viatorians, which is to minister to and with young people in the church — and stay committed to their faith development.