Vision Statement

As Viatorians of the Chicago Province,
we resolve to expand and deepen our prophetic role
as a community of associates, brothers and priests
by addressing contemporary social issues.
We reaffirm our Gospel-inspired mission
to be dedicated educators of faith
and to raise up communities of believers
who espouse the values of Jesus Christ
in our life and work.

As Viatorians,
we acknowledge and respect
the role of lay men and women in the Church
by ministering with them as equal partners.
Further, we acknowledge our need
to expand beyond our traditional roles
in innovative, unique and distinctive ways.

As Viatorians,
in the spirit of our founder, Fr. Louis Querbes,
we minister to and with young people in the Church
and are committed to their faith development
and active membership in their respective faith communities.

As Viatorians,
living in a world of cultural diversity,
we embrace those
who are “accounted of little importance” by some.