The countdown is on. Work has been going on behind the scene for months

Br. John Eustice and Dan Masterton work behind the scenes to prepare for VYConnect.

preparing for the latest edition of VYConnect, and now the official start is nearly here. Viatorian Youth Connect opens Tuesday.

Br. John Eustice, Dan Masterton and Associate Karen Cutler have been planning for the two-day event, which will be a hybrid model. Saint Viator High School will be the base for the 21 students attending from the high school, as well as another five from the Bourbonnais/Kankakee region, who will be attending the first day and then virtually the next day.

“It’s in the spirit of VYC and hits on some of same major themes  — Eucharist, prayer, action, God’s invitation — but in smaller bites across just 1.5 days,” says Dan Masterton, Assistant Vocation Minister. “It will include talks, discussions, a service outing, Mass and Taizé prayer.”

Highlights during the event will be talks from Fr. Corey Brost, Associate Barb D’Urso, and Br. John, but Associates Cathy Abrahamian and Ken and Michelle Barrie will accompany teens as delegation leaders.

Fr. Corey Brost will be one of three presenters.

Viatorians created the Viatorian Youth Congress (VYC) in 2010 as a way to bring together teens from various Viatorian ministry sites. Over the years, it has evolved into a leadership experience for high school faith leaders. Typically, over the course of the four-day congress, teens and their young adult leaders will be immersed in formation, social justice and leadership training activities.

This year’s service project is a new addition to the event but one that will immerse teens in living our their Catholic faith.

“The VYC helps our young faith leaders realize that they are part of a worldwide family,” says Fr. Corey, “that is changing the world.”