St. Nizier Church in Lyon

If you don’t know the beginning of the story, the latest archives article in the Fall 2012 Viator newsletter describes the Richey family connection with the statue of Our Lady of Grace.  Click on the link and turn to page 11 to read it.

Looking toward the main altar

The altar with statue

As the story goes…Joe and Michelle Richey from Peoria did visit the original statue of Our Lady of Grace at St. Nizier Church in Lyon, France.  They took the TGV (high speed) train from Paris to Lyon,  a 2 hour trip, on Monday, Oct. 22, 2012.

Michele shared these photos from that visit.  She commented that the statue was the center of attraction since the church was very dark.

Notice the beautiful golden background behind the Our Lady
 – that’s why she stands out!

The original statue of Our Lady of Grace today
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