Within weeks of the last day of classes at St. Viator Parish School in Las Vegas, jackhammers began their work. The extensive demolition included breaking up sidewalks outside of the classrooms, that surrounded the school’s courtyard.

Construction crews dig trenches to prepare for the new sewer lines.

This was the first step in replacing a 60-year-old sewer line, that runs north of the school entrance and out to the county main line, explains Assistant Principal Paul Mertzman, who also is a Viatorian pre-associate. They also had to pull up brick pavers in front of the school and save them so they can be re-installed.

“This capital improvement will alleviate plumbing issues that have been occurring at the school,” Mertzman says.

A second capital improvement project is underway at the same time: installing a new heating and air conditioning unit in the school’s gym.

“From what we have learned, the AC in the gym is original,” Mertzman adds. “While the motor and the blower were replaced, the rest of the unit dates back 60 years.”

These major infrastructure projects were made possible after the parish consolidated its two campuses into one main campus, selling off the primary campus across the street.

Fr. Richard Rinn, Susan Lockett, Katie Kiss and Guy Snow inspect the trenches.

Fr. Richard Rinn, CSV, Pastor, worked with then St. Viator Plant Manager, Br. Michael Rice, CSV, and Guy Snow, a general contractor who specializes in electrical work and solar panels. Together, they came up with a wish list of projects to update and shore up the campus. The new sewer line and the HVAC system for the gym were among them.

This week, Fr. Rinn, inspected the progress, along with Dr. Katie Kiss, Principal, Susan Lockett, Parish Business Manager, and Snow.

“The project is making good progress,” says Snow who is serving as general contractor, “and is on schedule.”

The new HVAC system for the gym fits right in where the old unit stood.

Investing in these capital improvements bears out the Viatorians’ commitment to Catholic education and it reaffirms their Gospel-inspired mission to be dedicated educators of the faith.