September 1st is a significant date in the Viatorian Community – it is the day our founder, Fr. Louis Querbes, died back in 1859. Not only was it the 151st anniversary of Querbes death this year, but it was the closing of the Querbesian year as well. The Querbesian year was a year long celebration from September 1, 2009 – August 31, 2010 by the Viatorians world-wide in honor of Querbes’ 150th anniversary.

Mass was celebrated in the Province Center chapel for Querbes Day and also in celebration of Br. Dan Lydon’s first vows. Over seventy people attended Dan’s vow ceremony and reception, including his mother, Mary Lydon, friends, co-workers and Viatorians. What a wonderful day for Dan to commit to Querbes’ Viatorian Community. Congratulations, Dan!