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Quotes, photos, memorabilia, artifacts and a Bit of Viatorian History articles- from the Viatorian collections and community will be made available here. Be sure to check this page periodically to see what’s been uncovered in the archives!

Season’s Greetings from the Past

Christmas 2017
Nearly 100 years ago, this card was sent out by the president and faculty of St. Viator College in Bourbonnais, IL.  Find out how the Viatorian Community Archives recently acquired this beautiful addition to the college collection that is housed at the Province Center in Arlington Heights, IL.  read more

homecomingSt. Viator College Homecoming 1916

Fall 2011
It’s Homecoming time again for schools, colleges and universities!   Fr. Arnie Perham, CSV just recently donated an appropriate pamphlet to the Viatorian Community Archives for the St. Viator College Homecoming of 1916.   He found it amongst his belongings and believes it came from his mother’s side of the family.  see the pamphlet

10ExteriorViatorians Help the Ill Bear Their Cross with Grace and Patience

Published in the Viatorians community newsletter October 2010
Last year at the “Festival of Faith” of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Deacon Donald Wehling of St. Hilary Parish visited the Viatorian booth. He mentioned two connections he had with the Viatorians. The first connection is that his uncle was Fr. Joseph Donahue, who worked with the labor unions in Chicago for many years. Another connection he has with the community is that he organizes the Roman Catholic Mass at the Interfaith Chapel which is located on the grounds of the former Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium. read more

09sumBrother Charles Saulin, C.S.V. (1821-1912)

Published in the Viatorians community newsletter, July 2009
Because of the catastrophic floods of 1840 in the Lyonese region, the Clerics of Saint Viator experienced serious financial difficulties. Father Querbes was forced to ask half of the men in formation to leave for lack of funds. One young man that the founder asked to remain in the congregation was Charles Saulin. read more

09sprCollege Graduation and Poor Job Market …. A Common Theme

Spring 2009
Seventy-eight years ago, back in 1931, the news for graduates was very similar. The following article was published in the St. Viator College newspaper, reporting on the job availability for the 1931 graduates. read more

08fallPresidential Election

Fall 2008
Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate from Chicago, has been elected President of the United States. The news headlines all over the country refer to history being made, not only for African Americans, but for all Americans. read more

viatorian64th Graduation Ceremony

Spring 2008
The month of May brings celebrations for graduations and Memorial Day – a time of endings and new beginnings, a time to reminisce and remember. Seventy-five years ago, St. Viator College held its 64th graduation ceremony on Memorial Day. Below is the school newspaper article from May 30, 1933 that describes the commencement ceremony. read more


St. Viator Day observed 75 years ago

Fall 2007
The Feast Day of St. Viator, patron of the Viatorian community, is October 21st. The following article describes how the day was observed 75 years ago at St. Viator College in Bourbonnais, IL and the influence of St. Viator’s life upon the centuries that followed his – to this day. It is taken from the St. Viator College newspaper The Viatorian, Vol. 50, No. 3, November, 1, 1932. read more

09fall2The Berceau and the Grande Maison in Vourles

Published in the Viatorians community newsletter, October 2009
I spent part of my sabbatical year with the Viatorians in Vourles, France where I learned a very interesting story about the history of the Berceau and the Grande Maison. In 1903 the government of France nationalized all of the institutions and property owned by religious teaching communities. read more

09fallCYO Homes and the Viatorians

Published in the Viatorians community newsletter, April 2009
In the late 30s and early 40s, Viatorian brothers staffed Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) homes in Chicago at the invitation of Archbishop Bernard J. Sheil, co-founder of the CYO, who saw a need to reach out to homeless and troubled youth. read more


Winter 2009
Browsing through The Viatorian, the aged journals/newspapers of St. Viator College in Bourbonnais, IL, there are articles that have a timeless appeal and/or an interesting topic. The following articles from the winter of 1908-1909, one hundred years ago, are examples of such works. read more

Summer Swimming

Summer 2008
Reminiscing about summers past brings up many happy memories – picnics, barbecues, the ice cream truck, parades, the beach, family vacations, and watermelon to name a few. Swimming, whether at a public or private pool, a lake, an ocean or the ol’ swimmin’ hole, is generally a fond summertime memory also. read more

viatorianSnow Days are Loved by All

Winter 2008
Seventy-five years ago at St. Viator College in Bourbonnais, IL, the following article appeared on the front page of the college newspaper. It is a reminder that some things never change – snow days are loved by all! Enjoy the last of this winter – go sledding! read more

07sumCreation Windows

Summer 2007
The following text describes the Creation Windows designed by Peter Reuker of the Conrad Schmitt Studios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the chapel in Our Lady of Arlington Novitiate (currently the Province Center), 1212 E. Euclid Ave. Arlington Heights, IL, c. 1954. read more