March/April 2012 issue

The latest issue of Family Tree Magazine has an article titled “Researching Catholic Ancestors” by Sunny Jane Morton.  I highly recommend it!

‘Records at a glance’ that Morton recommends are:

~ Sacramental records – Baptisms, marriages, deaths and other events can be requested from the parish or diocesan archives

~ Cemetery records – request burial records from parish, diocese or cemetery office

~ Parish histories as well as other institutions, like schools – often published at major anniversaries, e.g. 50 year, can be requested from parish and diocesan offices, a specific institution’s archives or a Catholic University archives

The Viatorian Community Archives holds the records from St. Viator College (1868-1938).  This collection is a treasure trove for geneologists that have relatives with a Viatorian connection.  From student transcripts, catalogs, yearbooks and photographs – much can be uncovered about a student or faculty member.