The new Querbes Commission met on July 8, 2009 to discuss the ways in which we can make Querbes better known. This appointment is effective from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2013.

Commission members: Br. John Eustice, Fr. Tom Langenfeld,
Joan Sweeney, Br. Carlos Florez, Fr. John Peeters, John Ohlendorf,
Faith Dussman (Br. Ryan’s admin), Br. Leo Ryan, Marilyn Mulcahy,
Lynda Connor, Leona Iglinski, Br. Dan Tripamer
Members not in photo: Fr. Francis White and Fr. Rafael Sanabria
The Querbesian year (Sep 1, 2009 – Aug 31, 2010) celebrates the 150th anniversary of the death of Fr. Louis Querbes, the founder of the Clerics of St. Viator. The kick-off will be celebrated in Vourles, France and celebrations continue throughout the year in all the provinces and foundations.

Using materials from the archives collection, I will be creating exhibits during this year to showcase the life and spirit of Fr. Querbes. I’m looking forward to serving on this Commission in the years to come and especially in this Querbesian year!