Venerable Louis Querbes told us, “People are bolder when they dream they are doing God’s work.” So, we are striving to re-embolden our Viatorian ministry with a new resource.

Bolder Dreams is our new ministerial formation series, delivered as a weekly episode each Monday in our podcast feed, Viatorian Voices: Conversations on the Way.

In each 15-minute installment, Pre-Associate Dan Masterton, Coordinator of Pastoral Ministries, interviews experienced Catholic pastoral ministers from outside the Viatorians. The selected topics are key components of Viatorian ministries, and the insights offered by these kindred-spirited ministers are fresh takes that can renew us.

The questions and conversations vary as each of our guests share expertise and reflections. However, the final question for each guest is the same: what do you most want to share with Viatorians who are walking with teens and young adults?

Service-learning immersion leader Michael Jordan Laskey encourages us to equip ourselves with a practical response to young people who seek a faith that does justice. “The complaint from young people is often, ‘I’m passionate about these issues – what does the Church say or do about that?’ The answer? A lot. We just don’t often invite young people into those experiences well,” Mike said, speaking about peace and justice ministries in our newest episode that posted today.


Kayla Jacobs manages youth mobilization, with her colleague Diana Marin who manages young adult mobilization, for Catholic Climate Covenant. They want to see some space made for young people’s enthusiasm and creativity, coupled with the commitment of institutional might from adults in formal leadership. “It has to be intergenerational – not just the adults leading it and teaching students, or the youth doing their own thing. Build that community and work together,” Kayla said, speaking about Creation care mobilization in an episode that will post next Monday.

Past episodes have already covered youth leadership formation, high school campus ministry, and educators’ spirituality. In upcoming episodes, we’ll address youth ministry, new media and storytelling, vocation ministry, and more.

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