Viatorian Voices: Conversations on the Way

Join us to learn more about the Viatorians, our charism, mission, and ministry, and the ways our brothers, priests, associates, and communities are proclaiming Christ and His Gospel and raising communities where faith is lived, deepened, and celebrated. Our host Jim Mitchell (SVHS ’77, Mitchell Marketing Management) chats with new guests each episode about another exciting and integral area of our ministry and community life, and special roundtable episodes offer deeper dives into special topics and stories.

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Ep. 29: Divine Love in Motion with Mary O’Connell


Ep. 28: Roundtable on 9 Decades of Viatorian Witness with Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV

Fr. Arnold “Arnie” Perham, CSV is living his religious life into his nineties, and his ability to reach back through these many decades of his life is chock full of perspective and wisdom. Listen in to hear stories of St. Viator Parish in Chicago back in the 1920s and 1930s, the amazing story of a Viatorian novice master freshly returned from internment by Japanese military forces in Manchuria, and perspectives on studying for priesthood and beginning to serve as the fresh air of Vatican II began to circulate. (This episode debuted on June 13, 2022.)


Ep. 27: A Wide-Lens Viatorian View with Fr. Mick Egan, CSV

Fr. Mick Egan, CSV has served in many places around Illinois and Nevada as a professed Viatorian. Moreover, after his brothers twice elected him Provincial and now Superior General, he has gotten to walk with lots of Viatorians, and now is tasked with setting a course with the worldwide community. Drawing on decades as a Viatorian and many miles traveled in leadership, Fr. Egan has a unique perspective to reflect on the joys and hopes of Viatorian community life, which he shares in this episode. (This episode debuted on May 30, 2022.)


Ep. 26: Exploring God’s Invitation with Fr. Moses Mesh, CSV

Fr. Moses Mesh, CSV professed first vows in 2005 and was ordained a priest in 2011. He is a native of Belize, and he first encountered the Viatorians while the congregation led a foundation in the country (1998-2015). Initially, Fr. Moses served the parish that the Viatorians led, St. Francis Xavier Parish in Corazal Town, Belize. He later came to the US, where he previously served as parochial vicar in St. Viator Parish in Chicago and now serves at Maternity BVM Parish in Bourbonnais, IL. Learn more about how Fr. Moses came to understand God’s invitations for him. (This episode debuted on May 16, 2022.)


Ep. 25: Roundtable for Religious Brothers Day with Br. Rob Robertson, CSV and Br. Peter Lamick, CSV

For this roundtable, we are marking Religious Brothers Day, celebrated each year on May 1 along with the feast of St. Joseph the Worker. The Viatorian Community is comprised of professed brothers and priests as well as lay associates, so today we join the Church in celebrating the religious brothers of our community and all those who serve worldwide. Here, Br. Rob and Br. Peter reflect on what brotherhood is, how it unfolds in Viatorian religious life, and who the role models of brotherhood have been in the Viatorian Community. (This episode debuted on May 1, 2022.)


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