Viatorian Voices: Conversations on the Way

Introducing a new podcast from the Viatorian Community and Vocation Ministry!

Join us to learn more about the Viatorians, our charism, mission, and ministry, and the ways our brothers, priests, associates, and communities are proclaiming Christ and His Gospel and raising communities where faith is lived, deepened, and celebrated.

Viatorian Voices: Conversations on the Way is a podcast with new episodes premiering regularly.

Our host Jim Mitchell (SVHS ’77, Mitchell Marketing Management) chats with new guests each episode about another exciting and integral area of our ministry and community life.

Find new episodes on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and via IGTV @ViatorianUSA. You can also view all episodes in our archive below.

Ep. 13: Viatorian Family Life with Abby and Rosy Hartz

Rosy Hartz is a Viatorian Associate and the Youth Faith Formation Coordinator for St. Viator Catholic Community in Las Vegas, NV. Her daughter, Abby, is an alumnus of St. Viator School and now attends Viatorian-founded Bishop Gorman High School. In this episode, Rosy and Abby share about their family life in a Viatorian parish, at home (Rosy’s husband and Abby’s dad, Paul, is also an associate!), and throughout their lives of faith. (This episode debuted September 13, 2021.)


Ep. 12: Roundtable on Viatorian Faith in Action with Fr. Tom Long, CSV and Br. Michael Gosch, CSV

In this roundtable, Fr. Tom and Br. Michael draw on their decades of religious life and their myriad experience accompanying and advocating for populations who society often accounts of little importance. Their witness, reflection, and stories serve to help us examine how we can more fully live out a faith that seeks to do social justice. This podcast is a recording of a Viatorian Vocation Ministry Young Adult event from summer 2021. (This episode debuted on August 30, 2021.)


Ep. 11: Exploring God’s Invitation with Br. Rob Robertson, CSV

Br. Rob shares a bit about what he imagines is one of the most distinct vocation stories in the Viatorian Community — from unbaptized to Catholic school teacher to discerning religious life to now decades of professed Viatorian living. Listen in on Br. Rob’s reflections on identifying God’s invitation and responding with a life of witness and ministry. (This episode debuted August 16, 2021.)


Ep. 10: Roundtable on Exploring God’s Invitation with Br. John Eustice, CSV, Br. Peter Lamick, CSV, and Br. Ryan McMahon

This is the first of our ROUNDTABLES on the way, deeper dives and longer discussions to share! This recording comes from a Young Adult Ministry event on exploring God’s invitation. Br. John Eustice, CSV, Br. Peter Lamick, CSV, and Br. Ryan McMahon (a Viatorian novice) share reflections on how they came to more deeply understand God’s invitation for them. Mr. Dan Masterton from Vocation Ministry moderates. Enjoy! (This episode debuted on August 2, 2021.)


Ep. 9: Viatorian Athletics with Pre-Associate Jason Kuffel and Br. Peter Lamick, CSV

As Viatorians strive to teach the faith well, our goal is to bring our charism into all areas of our schools. As Athletic Director at Saint Viator High School, Pre-Associate Jason Kuffel wanted to draw thoroughly on the mission, vision, and values of the school such that our teams all reflected Viatorian values with uniform strength. Working Br. Peter and others at the school, The Viator Way was born. Learn more about this Viatorian endeavor in this episode. (This episode debuted on July 12, 2021.)


Ep. 8: Rural Parish Life with Fr. Dan Belanger, CSV

The Viatorians first came to the US in 1865, starting at Maternity BVM Church in Bourbonnais, IL. Our ministry in Kankakee County continues today, and now includes also St. George Parish, St. Mary Parish, St. Patrick Parish, and Bishop McNamara Catholic Schools. Fr. Dan Belanger, CSV has served there for a decade and shares some reflections on Viatorian ministry in rural parish life. (This episode debuted on June 28, 2021.)


Ep. 7: What Viatorian Vocation Ministry Has to Offer

Viatorian Vocation Ministry strives to offer all members of our communities useful resources to support and accompany your discernment. Whether men or women, in considering invitations to single, married, or religious life, our webpages, videos, and social media are extensions of our personal desire to walk closely with all of you in understanding God’s ongoing invitations. Listen to learn more! (This episode debuted on June 14, 2021.)


Ep. 6: Care for God’s Creation with Amanda Murphy and Kat Hoenke

Amanda is a Saint Viator HS alum, a gardener at the Viatorian Community Garden, and also served as a Young Adult Summer Coordinator for the integrity of Creation, where her research included conversations with Kat, Program Director for the Saint Kateri Conservation Center. Their work and insight teach us to put divine love in motion by caring better for God’s Creation, including registering places like our garden as Kateri Habitats. (This episode debuted on May 31, 2021.)


Ep. 5: Founding a Viatorian School with Fr. Tom von Behren, CSV and Br. Carlos Flórez, CSV

Fr. von Behren and Br. Flórez have been Viatorian educators for many years, and their experience and dedication have been a big part of initiating a new Viatorian ministry. After years of dreaming and planning, Cristo Rey Saint Viator College Preparatory High School opened in North Las Vegas, NV in the autumn of 2019. Hear more from these two Viatorians about the origins of this school and how the Viatorians continue to walk closely with the young people of Las Vegas and their families. (This episode debuted on May 17, 2021.)


Ep. 4: From Youth Ministry to Adult Faith with Justin Daus and Brandon Beltram

Justin and Brendan both grew up in Las Vegas, NV as part of the Viator Youth crew at St. Viator Catholic Community. Now both away at college, these two young men talk about the positive roots and influences they found in their youth group and the positive connections that keep them going into adult faith now in college. (This episode debuted May 3, 2021.)


Ep. 3: Lifelong Relationships with Dan Masterton

Dan is an alumnus of Saint Viator High School (’07), where he knew a few Viatorians as teachers, campus ministers, and administrators. He kept in touch with many of them and built friendships that continue into his adult and family life and now have brought him back to the Viatorians as Assistant Vocation Minister. (This episode debuted April 19, 2021.)


Ep. 2: Exploring God’s Invitation with Fr. Corey Brost, CSV

Fr. Corey joined the podcast to talk about how he has come to continually understand God’s ongoing invitation for him, from joining religious life with the Viatorians, to being ordained a priest, to serving as a companion and advocate to people in migration seeking legal relief. (This episode debuted April 5, 2021.)


Ep. 1: Young Adult Ministry with Associate Ky Guerrero and Pre-Associate Jason Wilhite

Two members of our Young Adult Board share about some of the origins, early ideas, and newly beginning work to better serve and accompany college-aged and post-grad young adults across the Viatorian Community and beyond. (This episode debuted March 22, 2021.)