Viatorian Voices: Conversations on the Way

Join us to learn more about the Viatorians, our charism, mission, and ministry, and the ways our brothers, priests, associates, and communities are proclaiming Christ and His Gospel and raising communities where faith is lived, deepened, and celebrated.

Special Series

Bolder Dreams is a ministerial development series that responds to Fr. Querbes’ insight that people are bolder when they dream they are doing God’s will. In this series, guests from outside the Viatorian Community share insights on integral Viatorian topics. Our goal is for their fresh perspective to renew and re-embolden our ministries. These episodes appear in the podcast feed.

A Lively and Enlightened Faith: Catholic Social Teaching in the Viatorian Community is a series focused on the themes of CST. It’s housed in its own special webpage, which includes all its resources. The series centers on special episodes of our podcast, which also appear in our podcast feed.

Our Latest Episodes

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Bolder Dreams Ep. 13: Collecting Insights for the Viatorian Community (Bolder Dreams Finale)

In our 12-episode series, we invited guests to speak to the Viatorian Community on various key areas that are integral to our ministry. By seeking input from those who are not Viatorians but who are surely kindred spirits, we hoped we could bring fresh, challenging, and helpful insights to bear on our work. In this final episode, we gather the explicit advice we heard from each guest into a collection of encouragement for us and our ministries. (This episode debuted on October 30, 2023.)


Bolder Dreams Ep. 12: Vocation Ministry Part 2 with Sr. Debbie Borneman, SSCM

Continuing our two-part conversation with Sr. Debbie, she has some advice for Viatorians: follow the boldness of our founder in proclaiming the Gospel and accompanying youth. We can continue to support one another in our vocations and work together to make young men aware of the potential in Viatorian religious life for them. (This episode debuted on October 23, 2023.)


Bolder Dreams Ep. 11: Vocation Ministry Part 1 with Sr. Debbie Borneman, SSCM

Sr. Debbie Borneman, CCSM is the Director of Mission Integration for the National Religious Vocations Conference (NRVC). In her work, she trains, collaborates with, and supports vocation ministers from women’s and men’s religious communities nationwide and beyond. She sees a landscape where the Holy Spirit is moving, where God’s call endlessly continues, and where women and men continue to respond with discernment, exploration, and commitment. This is part one of a two-part interview with Sr. Debbie. (This episode debuted on October 16, 2023.)


Bolder Dreams Ep. 10: Hospitality with John Kyler

John Kyler has served the Church as a teacher, music minister, campus minister, composer, and publications editor. He drew on his various experience to reflect on hospitality in Catholic communities through a new book, Welcome All as Christ. His advice to the Viatorians: continue to welcoming people for who they are, name their gifts, and empower them to lead and serve. (This episode debuted on October 9, 2023.)


Bolder Dreams Ep. 9: New Media and Storytelling with Fr. Brendan McAleer, CSC

Fr. Brendan McAleer, CSC has experience in campus ministry, vocation ministry, and media production. All along the way, to keep in touch with friends and family as well as to share his vocation, he has enjoyed using Instagram. Now as a producer for Grotto Network, he is striving to use new media and storytelling to help bring people to more engaged faith. His advice to Viatorians: invite people to reflect more on their stories and discover the ways that they could more fully share it, and their faith, with others. (This story debuted on October 2, 2023.)


Bolder Dreams Ep. 8: Liturgical and Music Ministry with Molly Mattingly

Molly Mattingly is an experienced music ministry director and university campus minister. She has helpful insights on accompanying and empowering young people in ministry and putting a focus on honoring them and their witness. Her advice to Viatorians: listen to young people and help them continue to build on their valuable experience. (This episode debuted on September 25, 2023.)


Past Episodes