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Join us to learn more about the Viatorians, our charism, mission, and ministry, and the ways our brothers, priests, associates, and communities are proclaiming Christ and His Gospel and raising communities where faith is lived, deepened, and celebrated. For most episodes, our host Jim Mitchell (SVHS ’77, Mitchell Marketing Management) chats with new guests each episode about another exciting and integral area of our ministry and community life, and special roundtable episodes offer deeper dives into special topics and stories. In others, a Viatorian or staff member conducts a longer roundtable discussion to dig deeper into a Viatorian topic.

For a preview of our new series, A Lively and Enlightened Faith: Catholic Social Teaching in the Viatorian Community, visit our special webpage for all the resources. Episodes will post here as they debut in our podcast feed.

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Ep. 49: Viatorian Solidarity with Fr. Corey Brost, CSV

Solidarity is the Catholic Social Teaching that calls us to be mindful of every other person as if they were our own sister or brother. This takes shape through our lives of faith in various ways. In this episode, Fr. Corey Brost, CSV taps into his spirituality and ministry experience. For Corey, much of his Viatorian spirituality in animated by his interfaith ministry and accompaniment of people seeking asylum, a community that includes non-Christians, people of color, people who identify as LGBTQ+, and other marginalized communities. For further listening, check out Viator House of Hospitality’s podcast, Life at Viator House on Spotify. (This episode debuted on May 29, 2023.)


Ep. 48: At the Margins with Br. Peter Lamick, CSV

Br. Peter Lamick, CSV is a teacher, a coach, and a pastoral minister — and he’s also a student of Viatorian history and spirituality. In this episode, Peter draws on his love and knowledge of Viatorian tradition to help us more deeply understand how Viatorians have accompanied people who society marginalized, and how we can and should continue to walk closely with people who society accounts of little importance. (This episode debuted on May 15, 2023.)


Ep. 47: Exploring God’s Invitations with Fr. Dan Hall, CSV

Fr. Dan Hall, CSV concluded his term as Provincial Superior a few months ago, and we thought it was a great moment to tap into his perspective and his religious life thus far. From pre-vows military service to early discernment to teaching and coaching to re-deployment as a military chaplain and then later as Provincial, Fr. Hall has been everywhere, man! And his reflections are as wise and good-humored as ever. (This episode debuted on April 30, 2023.)


Ep. 46: Hobbies and Interests — Writing the Faith with Pre-Associate Dan Masterton

NEW Hobbies and Interests Series: Listen in as Jim Mitchell talks with Viatorians about the things they enjoy beyond our ministries and community life!

Pre-Associate Dan Masterton is a freelance writer and blogger who views writing as a ministry. Dan has blogged since college, and in young adult life, he has become a professional freelancer. Dan has published articles at places like Millennial Journal, Grotto Network, and, and he has authored professional guidebooks with the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). Now, Dan has written fiction stories, collected in the new release Go Your Way, meant to be accessible, resonant reads for casual Catholic readers looking to get something more out of their reading. See Dan’s writing portfolio here. (This episode debuted on April 17, 2023.)


CST Ep. 7: Workers’ Rights and the Dignity of Work

Segment 1: The story of the late Fr. John WR Maguire, a nationally renonwned labor activist.
Segment 2: Br. Michael Gosch, CSV describes the asylum process for the young men at Viator House of Hospitality, including the complex process by which they obtain (or struggle to obtain) work permits.
Segment 3: Stories from the Viatorian Community, including a struggle to build affordable housing on Viatorian land.


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