Viatorian Voices: Conversations on the Way

Join us to learn more about the Viatorians, our charism, mission, and ministry, and the ways our brothers, priests, associates, and communities are proclaiming Christ and His Gospel and raising communities where faith is lived, deepened, and celebrated. For most episodes, our host Jim Mitchell (SVHS ’77, Mitchell Marketing Management) chats with new guests each episode about another exciting and integral area of our ministry and community life, and special roundtable episodes offer deeper dives into special topics and stories. In others, a Viatorian or staff member conducts a longer roundtable discussion to dig deeper into a Viatorian topic.

For a preview of our new series, A Lively and Enlightened Faith: Catholic Social Teaching in the Viatorian Community, visit our special webpage for all the resources. Episodes will post here as they debut in our podcast feed.

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CST Ep. 6: Solidarity

Segment 1: Fr. Corey Brost, CSV describes solidarity in Viatorian ministry and community life.
Segment 2: Br. John Eustice, CSV reflects on the important of demonstrations and protests to show solidarity.
Segment 3: Reflections on embracing solidarity as one’s mindset for service and service-learning.


CST Ep. 5: Reflecting on Rights and Responsibilities

Segment 1: Beth Nabors, Executive Director of Journeys the Road Home shares about her organization’s accompaniment of people experiencing homelessness and its partnership with the Viatorians.
Segment 2: Jim Dippold, Director of Campus Ministry at Viatorian-endorsed Cristo Rey St. Martin, talks about the school campus and its unique ability to host crucial community events.
Segment 3: Stories from the Viatorian Community of living out our community responsibilities.


CST Ep. 4: Reflecting on the Preferential Option for People Who Are Marginalized

Segment 1: Associates Ken and Michelle Barrie reflect on getting to know residents of an impoverished community and helping them build up their homes.
Segment 2: Br. Peter Lamick, CSV reflects on the history and spirituality of the Viatorian Community with respect to walking with people on the margins.
Segment 3: Practical ideas for living out the Preferential Option in our lives of faith.


CST Ep. 3 Reflecting on the Dignity and Value of Human Life

Segment 1: Fr. Mark Francis, CSV discussing Cardinal Bernardin and the consistent ethic of life
Segment 2: Fr. Tom von Behren, CSV, Br. Carlos Flórez, CSV, and Associate Deborah Perez reflecting on educational access and equity
Segment 3: Associate Mary Finks discussing end-of-life care and accompaniment


CST Ep. 2 Reflecting on Care for God’s Creation

Segment 1: Associate Dave Surprenant discusses agricultural sustainability.
Segment 2: Mary O’Connell shares thoughts on living sustainably.
Segment 3: Stories from celebrate the Viatorian Community’s care for God’s Creation.


CST Ep. 1: Reflecting on the Call to Family, Community, and Participation

Segment 1: Associate Rosy Hartz, daughter Abby Hartz, Associate Paul Hartz, and Associate Romeo Hartz reflect on family life.
Segment 2: Br. Michael Gosch, CSV and Fr. Tom Long, CSV reflect on ministries of community organizing and activism.
Segment 3: Cullings from on the Viatorian Community’s commitment to active participation in our local communities.


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