Associates Ky Guerrero, and brothers Anthony and Tommy Gugino are among the youngest Viatorian associates, but not for long. More young adults are in pre-formation, including Dan Masterton, from vocation ministry, who leads this roundtable discussion.

Pre-Associate Dan Masterton moderates their discussion.

As a group, Ky, Anthony and Tommy offer a snapshot of how young people come to discern association with the Viatorians. All three grew up in Viatorian parishes in the Las Vegas area and they continued their involvement as delegates and ultimately leaders of the Viatorian Youth Congress.

Like their other associates, they bring varied careers to the community: Ky manages digital assets for a film distribution company, while Tommy works in digital engagement for the Nevada System of Higher Education, and Anthony is a recreation specialist with the Clark County Department of Parks and Rec.

Their discussion ranges from what more the Catholic Church could do to engage young people, to what drew them to become associates. “What’s unique about being an associate,” Ky says, “is that you’re always working in tandem with priests and brothers.” Listen to this podcast episode, here.