The display case in the Province Center has a new exhibit called Genealogical Research in the St. Viator College Collection. 

St. Viator College was owned and operated by the Clerics of St. Viator from 1868-1938.  The collection holds materials from the college, high school and seminary departments.  It is a treasure trove for genealogical researchers.

On display are various types of records, such as transcripts, grade books, course bulletins, catalogs, photographs, newspapers, artifacts and ephemera from the collection and the types of information that can be found within those records.  Together these findings begin to tell a story or give a glimpse into a person’s life.

Featured in the exhibit is one student, Thomas Shea, from the high school class of 1914 and the college class of 1918.  Much can be learned about him through these records, in fact, more than could fit in the display case!

This exhibit will be on display until the end of June.