Fr. Mick Egan, CSV, leads more than 6,000 families as pastor of St. Thomas More Catholic Community in suburban Las Vegas, where this summer he will celebrate 40 years of priesthood.

Robert Egan

He writes a weekly column — published online and in the bulletin — that boils down scripture readings for parishioners, that offer solid takeaways. Here’s his latest reflection on the meaning of Lent.

“I thought I would share a bit of it with you as we embark on this journey of 40 days. These words are a good summary of our invitation for this season.

“We know the meaning of Lenten discipleship in terms of the three traditional practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Lenten discipleship is about returning, about making our way back to the Lord.

“Prayer, fasting and almsgiving help us in that journey. Just as Jesus’ disciples were not free from sin, neither are we.

“We need the Lord to call us back. We need the Lord to transform us and help us grow in holiness.

“Lent is not just a time to look back on our life, but a time to look forward. In the midst of that we make choices that will enrich our relationship with the Lord. Lent is the time for courageous soul-searching in order to move more joyfully into the fullness of life to which the Lord calls us.”