On Wednesday, August 3, 2011, Br. Dan Lydon, CSV, gave a workshop to the Viatorian Youth Congress (VYC) students about praying the rosary.  He borrowed 16 historical Viatorian rosaries from the Archives for use in this workshop. 

These rosaries were presented to the Viatorian novices upon making their first vows back in the day.  The rosaries were placed over their heads and hung on the front of their cassock.  Here is a photo from a vow ceremony from 1958.  This tradition is no longer part of the vow ceremony today.

The rosary was a symbol of the Viatorian’s devotion to Mother Mary.  Instead of the crucifix, a medal of St. Viator, patron saint of the Community, was attached to the beginning of the rosary for the novices. 
The 2nd annual Viatorian Youth Congress was just held in Techny, IL on August 1-4, 2011.  The students who participated in the VYC attend a Viatorian school or parish and came from across the country.  These rosaries gave them an experience of the Viatorian history and tradition!