As members of the Environmental Stewardship Committee for the Viatorian Community, Tom Leavitt, chef at the Province Center and myself, Joan Sweeney, archivist for the Community were assigned to plant an herb garden. Tom recruited Lorelle Silverman, who works for him, to help us out. Lorelle is a natural in the garden.

We designed the garden, picked out the herbs and then went shopping

together. On Sunday afternoon, May 16th, the herbs were planted. It has beautiful purple and pink allysum in a formal pattern surrounding the herbs which include curly and flat leaf parsley, 3 types of basil, thyme

and rosemary. Lavender was planted along the back – a hard to reach area of the space and decorative dusty miller is in the diamond center.

The herb garden is located just outside the dining room in the patio area

and close to the kitchen for continual cutting and use. It is both edible and decorative. The scent of cocoa from the cocoa shell mulch is very enjoyable!

Up on the hill near the Guardian Angel statue is another small plot of herbs. Planted here are chives and cilantro. A pot of mint is soon to come as well.

We’ll see how the garden grows and periodic photos will be shared here!