On Thursday afternoon, June 17, 2010, Katelyn Meehan a GSLIS student from Dominican University in River Forest, IL came to the Viatorian archives for a tour and interviewed me about my position and responsibilities as the archivist. It was a field study assignment in her Archival Administration class. This was like coming full circle for me because it wasn’t long ago that I did the same assignment at Dominican – mine at the archives of Kraft Foods in Niles, IL. Archival administration is an area of specialization within the Graduate School of Library and Information Science.

I’m glad I could mentor an up and coming archivist from my alma mater. She stated in her paper that after speaking with me she feels excited about the future and realizes the breadth of possibilities that are available in archives. She also came to realize “that each archivist and each repository are different and face different challenges and have unique quirks.” Knowing that, Katelyn is on her way to a successful career in archives and I wish her the best!