On Thursday, Jan. 30, 2011, many Province Center staff attended a web seminar sponsored by the  Society of American Archivists.  The live webinar was titled “Electronic Records – the Next Step” and was presented by Geoffrey A. Huth,  the Director of Government Records Services at the New York State Archives. This workshop is the first step in a long  process of creating our electronic records management program. 

The workshop was important for CSV management, IT and the archives to finally address this issue, understand some terminology and focus on the beginning steps in preparing for the preservation of the electronic records that are created here by the Province Center administration.  A summary report will be issued to the Provincial regarding what the Province Center needs to do to get started in managing these records.

Thanks to those who participated in the webinar and really probably didn’t need to – you know who you are!  But now you also know what we have to deal with in the future!!  Thanks everyone for your support and teamwork!