With the start of the new fiscal year comes new assignments for some of the Viatorians in the community. That was the case for Br. Peter Lamick, CSV, who began his role as Director of Vocation Ministry this week. At the same time, Pre-Associate Dan Masterton is expanding his role in vocation ministry to add the coordination of youth and young adult ministry to his responsibilities.

Dan Masterton and Br. Peter Lamick sat together at last year’s assembly, with Fr. Patrick Render.

Not only do Br. Peter and Dan have new jobs, but they find themselves sharing an office in the Province Center in Arlington Heights. The move is more than just happenstance, they reason. It brings them back full circle. In fact, it’s “divine providence.”

They met as third graders at St. James School in Arlington Heights and they continued their friendship as classmates at Saint Viator High School, graduating together in 2007. They would go their separate ways in college — Br. Peter to Benedictine University and Dan to Notre Dame — but they remained active in Campus Ministry and social justice initiatives, which ultimately led them back to the Viatorians.

Br. Peter professed his first vows in 2016 and perpetual vows in 2019, while Dan would work at various Catholic schools before joining the Viatorians’ staff in 2019, working part time in vocation ministry.

“We are about to embark on a new chapter in Viatorian ministry — both with young adults and vocations,” Br. Peter says. “I can definitely see the handiwork of the Holy Spirit bringing us together for the Viatorian mission.”

Dan Masterton, left, worked with Br. John Eustice in vocation ministry for the last four years.

Dan credits the Viatorians with staying connected with him while he was away at college and in his early working career. He credits Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, with visiting him in college and later helping Dan plan a border immersion trip with his students. Br. John Eustice, CSV, also remained in touch during college and he turned to Dan to help him plan a service-learning trip for some young adults in his parish. He also credits Br. Peter with staying in touch, even participating in vocations panels at schools where Dan taught.

And now they are colleagues, sharing an office, working together to share the Viatorian charism with young adults and advance vocation ministry.

“There’s certainly resonance in how we are like-minded, committed to our faith, seeking to serve others,” Dan says. “But it’s not just social. It’s connected to the charism and community life of the Viatorians that we share too.”