Br. Jhobany Orduz, CSV, chose to enter the Viatorian Community after searching for a religious

Br. Jhobany Orduz

community that reflected his interest in social justice. He is a native of Cúcuta, Colombia, the sixth of seven children and the second religious vocation in his family. His oldest brother is a diocesan priest.

Br. Jhobany came to the Viatorians as a trained civil engineer, with a master’s degree in roads and infrastructure, and a specialization in education administration.

It was while working in Cúcuta as an engineer that he began to discern a call to religious life.

“I was working with poorer communities, building homes for people out in the countryside,” Br. Jhobany says.

The chance to empower these people with new homes opened his eyes to the needs of the marginalized and he sought a way to make a difference for even more people.

Br. Jhobany Orduz enjoys a tour of the major seminary in Mundelein

Fr. Frank Enciso, CSV, introduced Br. Jhobany to the Viatorians in 2010. One year later, he would join the community and ultimately the pre-novitiate. During those years, Br. Jhobany taught engineering students at the largest university in Colombia, Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios Uniminuto, in Bogotá, while assisting at Parroquia Santa Inés de Guaymaral on weekends.

Br. Jhobany completed his novitiate years through the Council of Latin America and the Caribbean in Santiago, Chile, before returning to Bogotá in 2014 to profess his first vows.

As a religious brother, he spent two years as a teacher and administrator in the Civil Engineering School at Uniminuto and another two years at Universidad Católica de Colombia in Bogotá, while returning to Parroquia Sana Inés to help with catechesis instruction.

In January, 2018, Br. Jhobany departed Colombia in order to study English intensively while getting to know his Viatorian confreres in the United States. He lived with other Viatorians on the third floor of Saint Viator High School, which proved to be a valuable experience.

Br. Jhobany Orduz, CSV, earned his master’s degree in financial management from Universidad Ean in Bogotá.

“Everyone’s been so welcoming, so friendly,” Br. Jhobany said at the time. “I feel really comfortable with everyone — and much more confident in my religious life.”

Br. Jhobany returned to Colombia in 2019 and served as director of the newly professed in Bogotá, while working at Colegio San Viator. That same year, he also began studying — simultaneously — for a master’s degree in financial management as well as a master’s degree in divinity at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.

In January, 2022, he moved back to Arlington Heights to continue studying in person at CTU.

“I am happy to be here because it is a new experience,” Br. Jhobany says. “I believe that this is a right path to better connect  the Viatorian service of religious people in both regions, Colombia and the US. We all are Viatorians and we are part of the same province.”


Updated in February, 2022