Today in the mail was a letter and donation of a photograph and postcard to the Viatorian Community Archives from an alum of St. Viator College in Bourbonnais that operated from 1868 – 1938.  Mr. Bob Gerschke from Milwaukee was a freshman at the college in 1937-38 – the last year of its existence.

Postcard from Mr. E. Bob Gerschke

Mr. Gerschke currently receives the Viator newsletter which is distrbuted to our extended community of family, friends and alumni.  He read the archives’ articles requesting materials of ‘all things Viatorian.’  He decided these items would be better off preserved in the archives for future generations rather than risk being lost or destroyed if kept in his personal collection.

R to L: Bob Gerschke, Owen Douville and John Driscoll
Freshmen at St. Viator College, 1937-38

The college has been closed for 75 years now and it’s amazing how items are still being found! Thanks, Bob, for your generous donation – now part of the Alumni Files in the St. Viator College Collection housed in the Viatorian Community Archives at the Province Center in Arlington Heights, IL.

Joan  Sweeney