A core principle of the Viatorian vision statement is to “minister to and with young people in the church.”

That commitment was on full display at a recent Sunday Mass at Our Lady of the Wayside Church in Arlington Heights, where Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, is a frequent guest presider.

His homily made such an impact on parishioners — young and old — that his message was written up the following week in their church bulletin, a rare honor, indeed.

As is Fr. Brost’s custom, he addressed a major portion of his homily to the young people in the congregation and stressed that “you are unique, you have something special to give.”

To emphasize his point, he asked all the young people in the congregation to stand and look at their fingerprints. He pointed out to the youngsters that no two fingerprints are alike, and that each of them is unique — has something special to give.

Fr. Brost went one step further. He asked all of the young people in the congregation who had gone on a mission trip or volunteered for various ministries during the summer to stand and be recognized, drawing an applause from the rest of the parishioners.

His recognition again reflected that Viatorians are committed to the faith development of young people — and their active membership in their respective faith communities.