Jean Ang and Jason Wilhite first met each other when they attended

Jean Ang makes a presentation to last year’s VYC delegates.

the Viatorian Youth Congress for the first time, back in 2013. She came as a delegate from St. Viator Parish in Chicago and he came from Saint Viator High School. They reunited again the next year as delegates and Jean would return two more times as a leader.

Jean Ang and Kevin Wilhite

This year Jean and Jason return as young adult coordinators of the 10th anniversary edition of VYC.

Jason Wilhite makes a presentation about Viatorians and social justice at last year’s VYC.

“They are two strong leaders who have had previous VYC experience,” says Associate Karen Cutler, who manages the congress. “They will be great examples to the other leaders and delegates, in modeling their faith and understanding of the Viatorian mission.”

Jean, middle top row, during her first year as a delegate in 2013.

Both young people bring strong backgrounds to the role.

Jean grew up attending St. Viator Parish School and remains active in its youth ministry program, led by Associate Hector Obregon-Luna. She will be a senior nursing major at the University of Michigan in the fall.

Jason, far left, during his first year as a delegate, in 2013.

Jason was active in Campus Ministry at Saint Viator High School and this fall he will return to his alma mater to serve as a campus minister. He is graduating from St. Louis University, where he brought Pencils of Promise to campus, which works to make quality education accessible for children in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos. He also has volunteered at Viator House for Hospitality and has made a pilgrimage to the border with Fr. Corey Brost, CSV.

“When I first attended VYC as a delegate, it did so much for my faith,” Jean says. “The leaders were such great mentors that I wanted the chance to give back.”

Anyone else looking to give back and model their faith for young people should apply to be a leader. A few spots remain open.