Fr. Jason Nesbit serves as associate pastor of Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Nesbit with MedalChurch in Bourbonnais and he also helps out in vocation ministry in the region. Here he reflects on the powerful impact of the works of mercy during Lent.

The Works of Mercy invite us to put the mercy of God into practice, to “Be Merciful as the Father is Merciful,” to quote the theme of the Year of Mercy.

The Corporal Works of Mercy draw us into serving the needs of the body and to love people in the here and now. The Spiritual Works of Mercy cause us to be concerned for our spiritual needs and the needs of others. We are there to counsel those who doubt, to instruct people in the faith, comfort those who sorrow and guide others on the path to Salvation.Lenten Banner

To be bearers of God’s mercy involves the hard work – of forgiving the transgressions of others, bearing patiently what we see wrong in others, and consistently praying for the living and the dead. May the Holy Spirit strengthen us and may the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Viator intercede for us and Father Querbes inspire us- that we may strengthened as we show forth mercy in our work, and make known the depths of God’s love and mercy to all of humanity.