An international delegation of Viatorians descended on the Province Center this week, for an important meeting with Fr. Robert M. Egan, CSV, Superior General, and members of the General Council. Called the Extraordinary General Council, this international meeting takes place once a year and in a different Viatorian Province. Last year’s took place in Valladolid, Spain and the one before that in Vourles, France.

(L-R) Fr. Mark Francis of the U.S, Br. Benoit Tremblay of Canada, Fr. Carlos Orduna of the Ivory Coast, and Fr. Andre Crozier of France.

The meeting draws provincials together from all of the Viatorians’ international provinces — including Canada, Chile, France, Spain and the United States. They also represent their respective foundations, including Burkina Faso, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Honduras, Japan and Peru.

The EGC is a means of discussing issues that affect the provinces and foundations of the community. They make their PowerPoint presentations to the General Council. Led by Fr. Egan, the Council includes Fr. Claudio Rios, Vicar General, from Chile; Fr. Andre Crozier, from France; Fr. Carlos Orduna, a native of Spain serving in the Ivory Coast; and Br. Benoit Tremblay of Canada.

Interpreters are needed for this meeting, as members around the table speak three different languages. Consequently, Fr. Ronald Hockman, of Canada, and Fr. John Peeters, based in Kankakee, IL, play key roles.

Ultimately, these Extraordinary General Council meetings promote solidarity between the General Council and the provinces, and by extension, strengthen the unity of the congregation.

(L-R) Fr. John Peeters of the U.S, Fr. Jesus Arroyo of Spain, Fr. Marcello Lamas and Fr. Claudio Rios, both of Chile

The international gathering offers them the chance to live out their vows as Viatorians, committed to the charism of their founder, the Venerable Louis Querbes, and a fervent desire to advance the interculturality of the Viatorian Community.