During National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, supporters of the Everytown Survivor Network came together to share stories of their loved ones lost to gun violence. But they also built momentum to enact legislative changes that will make communities safer and support families forever changed by gun violence.

They point to these statistics: In the United States, many homicides go unsolved: nearly 40 percent of homicides were unsolved in 2019. This crisis is particularly true for gun crimes committed against Black and Latinx people. The result is that thousands of Americans do not have their day in court, and see zero accountability. For survivors of gun violence, we must help raise awareness about this pervasive problem.

In order to help others learn about what the U.S. government can do to support victims and survivors of gun violence, they have published a new report, called Hurdles to Healing. 

Additionally, Network officials point to the emotional and physical tolls endured by victims and survivors of gun violence. They reason that government systems must not only respond to the investigatory and accountability demands of survivors, but also ensure that survivors have the resources they need to heal and thrive following an incident of gun violence.

Read their new report on victim compensation and its importance to the gun violence prevention movement, here.