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Answers To Common Questions:
What is the Viatorian Youth Congress?

The Viatorian Youth Congress is a four-day event uniting youth delegates and college age young adult leaders of the Viatorian Community. Throughout the Congress, we gather to learn, discuss and deepen our grasp of the Catholic faith and how we can greater serve the Viatorian mission.

What Happens During the VYC?

The Viatorian Youth Congress includes keynote presentations, prayer workshops, Mass, and opportunities to assist in leading liturgy, engage small-group discussion, recreational activities and have fun. A key component of the VYC is the interaction between the delegates and the group of young adult leaders, forming friendships to last a lifetime.

Who are the Delegates?

Delegates are high school young people from Viatorian ministry sites in the United States who are interested in connecting to and getting to know other young people from Viatorian ministry sites. They are young people interested in having fun, building relationships and exploring their identity as Catholic Christians. If you are interested in becoming a delegate for the VYC, let your campus or youth minister know.

Who/What is a Delegation Leader?

The delegation leader is the individual primarily responsible for registration as well as for submitting payments and required VYC waivers and permission forms on behalf of her or his Viatorian ministry site. In most cases, the delegation leader is the person who is a member of the Viatorian Community, though the Viatorian ministry site may designate staff or others to act as the delegation leader. Regardless of who the delegation leader is, the important thing to know is that the delegation leader is the primary point of contact between the Viatorian Youth Congress and the Viatorian ministry site. In the course of the VYC, the delegation leader will be asked to represent the Viatorian ministry site in an official capacity in order to make plans for the upcoming year. The delegation leader shares all information with other group leaders from a given Viatorian ministry site. The only path to Viatorian Youth Congress registration for youth at Viatorian ministry sites is through the delegation leader. Viatorian Youth Congress will not process registrations from individuals.

Who are the Young Adult Leaders and Coordinators?

The young adults welcoming you, leading prayer and small groups, making you feel at home and providing general assistance during the VYC are called Young Adult Leaders (YALs). The Young Adult Coordinators (YACs) oversee the YALs, providing guidance, wisdom and encouragement throughout the VYC. They were each selected by the VYC Committee following an extensive application process, completed an onsite training in the week before the Congress and VIRTUS certification. YALs have completed 1 year of college and YACs have previously served as YALs. If you are interested in becoming a YAL or a YAC for the next VYC, let the VYC coordinator know.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

The Viatorian Youth Congress costs $350. Scholarship funds are available through your delegation leader.

Who are the Viatorians?

The Viatorian Mission is to “proclaim Jesus Christ and his gospel and to raise up communities where faith is lived, deepened and celebrated.” Viatorian associates, brothers and priests minister to all men and women, particularly to the young and “especially to those who are accounted of little or no importance in our world.” Viatorians are committed to the ministry of accompanying young people as they learn to recognize God’s voice in their lives and respond through prayer, service and commitment to a community of faith.