Temporary Vows


Upon completion of the Novitiate, the Viatorian brother professes the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience for a three-year period. Temporary vows may be renewed after this initial period, or the candidate may request permanent/perpetual vows. During the period of temporary vows, the Brother is given the time, training, environment and experience he needs to make a lifelong commitment as a Viatorian. He normally lives in one of our local communities and works in some area of our apostolate for at least two years. Then, if he intends to continue as a Viatorian brother, he begins advanced studies or training at whatever school or organization best suits his and the Community’s needs. If he intends to become a Viatorian priest, he may request to begin his theological studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where he will pursue the required curriculum for ordination to the priesthood.