Fr. Robert M. Egan, CSV, Superior General, started off the new year with a tradition that just might stick: holding their General Council meetings via Zoom.

The virtual meeting platform connected Fr. Egan with members of his council who come from three different continents, and no one needed to travel. They included: Fr. Claudio Ríos, CSV, of Chile, Fr. André Crozier, CSV, of France, Fr. Claude Roy, CSV, of Canada and Fr. Robert Jean, CSV, of Haiti. They were aided by interpreters, Bishop Christopher Glancy, CSV, in Arlington Heights and Fr. Claudio Chouinard, CSV, in Canada.

Their agenda typically spans a full day as they address the nuts and bolts of overseeing the Viatorian Community in five provinces and eight foundations, as well as the spiritual lives of some 753 Viatorians. They include more than 400 professed members and 349 lay associates, who serve in Burkina Faso, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Haiti, Honduras, the Ivory Coast, Japan, Peru, Spain and the United States.

These formal meetings have varied over the years, from Rome, Quebec and Vourles, France, to gathering in one of the provinces or foundations during a pastoral visit.

No matter where these General Council meetings take place, the spirit of international solidarity and goal of advancing the Viatorian mission drive their decisions.