Here is a statement from our Acting Provincial regarding the senseless tragedy that happened to Jewish worshippers over the weekend:

“The recent shootings at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh are more than sad. They are tragic.

The sun rises on a beautiful morning at the Viatorian Province Center, as St. Viator quietly looks on.

“These 11 people lost their life because they were living out their faith. They were being faithful to our God who loves all of us, regardless of how we name ourselves.

“Anti-Semitism and, indeed, hate itself are the result of ignorance and a false sense of superiority. For a Christian to be anti-Semitic is to say, ‘I really do not understand my roots . . I cannot appreciate the faith the Jesus himself practiced . . I cannot accept a way of thinking other than my own.’

“That thinking is inherently both  sad and tragic.

“On behalf of the entire Viatorian Community, I ask you to pray for those whose lives were taken so senselessly. We stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters as we pray for their families and their community. We pray also for an end to the idea that violence is the answer to everything.”


Yours in St. Viator,

Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV
Acting Provincial