On Jan. 31, 2018, ICE deported Joel Colindres, leaving his two young children and American-born wife, Samantha, broken and displaced. Despite having an approved 1-130 and Visa sponsorship through his valid marriage to his wife, no criminal history and proof of payment of taxes for all his years in the United States, DHS went ahead and tore this family apart, leaving their American dreams shattered.

Joel still has a pending asylum case in the 5th Circuit Court and an appeal of his 212 waiver. To deport a man whose case has not been heard is unjust. There was no justice for Joel.

The Viatorians ask that you keep the family in your prayers as they prepare for the new journey ahead without Joel here. Visit his Facebook page, which tells his story and offers the chance to donate to the family through a Go Fund Me page.

We need to keep his story alive with the hopes that their situation can be remedied. Samantha is preparing to possibly relocate as she cannot afford life here without Joel, and their children are suffering immensely. They both cry every night for their Daddy and do not understand why he is not present.

Samantha is running out of reasons to give on why he’s gone. We need to keep the family in their home as to not displace them any more than they have been through with the loss of their father. Or find a way to help bring them together somewhere else.

We cannot let their story fade and must keep sharing the injustice that has happened to prevent from happening to other families.

Ultimately, our immigration system must stop tearing families apart.