Fr. Lawrence Lentz, CSV, serves as assistant provincial of the Viatorian Community DSC_0255and as associate pastor of St. Viator Catholic Community. Last year, he celebrated 50 years of religious life. Here, he boils down the transformational season of Lent into one easy recipe.

All around us there are “how to” suggestions for almost everything under the sun. As we enter the season of Lent, the following formula may help in transforming our lives into the example of Jesus:

ADD extra amounts of kindness toward others
SUBTRACT selfishness from your life
MULTIPLY your determination to be patient and concerned toward others
DIVIDE your time: less for you and more for those in need.Lenten image

The change will not be instantaneous. It will come only over time and with serious and consistent effort. Doing and giving of ourselves in ways we ordinarily do not find convenient…this is the formula for our Lenten transformation.

Lord, as your Son Jesus Christ passed from this world to your kingdom, he loved us to the end. Teach us to imitate his way of living and, by His cross and passion, to reach the promise of His resurrection.