The third floor residence wing at Saint Viator High School is once again a hub of activity, with Viatorians repainting some of the common spaces. Led by Br. Rob Robertson, CSV, they painted the chapel, large community room, dining room and rooftop deck, bringing new life to the wing as they make it their home.

Br. Rob Robertson and Br. Peter Lamick started by repainting the private chapel.

Fr. Corey Brost, Br. Michael Gosch, Fr. Dan Hall, Br. Peter Lamick, Fr. Dan Lydon and Br. Rob all now live on the third floor, after new assignments shifted their living arrangements starting on July 1.

They added warmer tones to the community room.

“It is good to have a community back living on the third floor,” says Br. Gosch. “We place a value on community life, prayer and building a more just and inclusive world.”

Three of its members minister at the school: Fr. Lydon serves as president, Br. Robertson works as a guidance counselor and Br. Lamick is a teacher and coach. The other three members work outside the building, with Fr. Hall serving as provincial of Viatorians in this country and in Colombia, while Br. Gosch serves as assistant provincial and director of housing and programs at Viator House of Hospitality, and Fr. Brost serves as executive director of Viator House.

In addition, Br. Gosch, Fr. Hall, Fr. Lydon and Br. Robertson all are members of the Provincial Council and consequently, they serve on the Board of Governors of the high school.

(L-R) Br. Robertson, Br. Lamick, Fr. Hall, Br. Gosch, Fr. Lydon and Fr. Brost.

“The high school faculty members are thrilled to have so many of us living there again,” Fr. Lydon says. “They’re really excited about having so many Viatorians living and working here.”

The residence was originally built for more than 30 members when the high school opened in 1961, and took up the entire third floor. Over the years, the school has taken over two-thirds of the residence for office space and the Scanlan Center. The current residence comprises a chapel, community rooms, 10 bedrooms, a dining room and kitchen.