As Laudato Si’ Week approaches, religious communities worldwide are called to engage deeply with our “suffering planet.” (LD 2) This observance invites reflection and action aimed at a profound personal and cultural transformation, crucial in addressing the ecological and climate crises the world faces.

Members of the Conference of Religious Orders of Men encourages its members — which include the Viatorians — to remember that ecological conversion is the only true basis of long-term change to help our planet, and Catholics – and especially religious – can lead the way.

This year’s Laudato Si’ Week theme is inspired by the “first fruits”, urging participants to be “seeds of hope” through faith-driven environmental stewardship. The initiative stresses the importance of fostering positive changes to address environmental challenges.

Viatorians gathered Saturday to reflect on Laudato Si’ and Care for Our Common Home.

Viatorians — including associates, brothers and priests in the — in every region will be discussing a faith-based response to Laudato Si’ over the coming months. In October, at the annual Provincial Assembly in Las Vegas, the main topic of discussion will be to create ways to integrate Laudato Si’ into daily life.

Already, Viatorians maintain a community giving garden on the grounds of its Province Center. Over the last 12 years, it has doubled in size and now draws not only Viatorian associates but several community organizations and even other faith organizations. They all work together toward the mission of raising fresh vegetables to donate to area food pantries, and ultimately to feed the hungry.