Five students from the rural village of Dago, in southwestern Kenya, will have the chance to attend high school, thanks to sponsorship from the Viatorians. Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, introduced the Viatorian Community to the Weiss Scholarship Foundation, which was started 10 years ago by Brett Weiss, a former Chicago area high school teacher whom Fr. Corey met through his interfaith work.

“The village of Dago is home to around 3,000 people—virtually all of whom are among the poorest on earth, with an average family income of less than $2 USD per day,” Weiss says. “Most children quit school around the fourth grade because they do not see the point in continuing an education that will not extend past primary school. Instead of attending school, they try to get a job working in the fields, making around $1 daily.”

Weiss created the scholarship foundation with the goal of sending the village’s children to high school. Since its creation, more than 70 children have continued their education. Each scholarship provides not only their tuition but room and board, books, uniforms and associated costs. Weiss’ goal is to provide the same number of scholarships to girls as boys.

The students sponsored by the Viatorians leave for school next week. Meet one of these students, Cynthia Chimpae Mutagaya, who thanks the Viatorians here and tells of her dream of becoming an engineer: