Celebrating the feast of St. Viator took on new meaning this year at Saint Viator High School.

Fr. Mark Francis processes into Mass

A graduate of the school, Fr. Mark Francis, CSV, was the main celebrant at the morning Mass, held in the Cahill Gymnasium and attended by students, faculty, staff and a few parents.

“I’m home,” said Fr. Francis, who graduated from Saint Viator in 1971. “I’m standing in the exact place I where I celebrated my first St. Viator Day Mass, back in 1967. That’s 50 years ago.”

Fr. Francis was joined by six other Viatorian priests who concelebrated with him, including three former presidents of the high school, in Fr. Charles Bolser, Fr. Corey Brost and Fr. Mick Egan, as well as Fr. Dan Hall, Fr. Dan Lydon and Fr. John Milton. Also in attendance were Br. Peter Lamick and several Viatorian associates, who re-committed themselves to living out the Viatorian mission.

Fr. Corey Brost was one of three former presidents of Saint Viator who attended

In his homily, Fr. Francis explained to students why the founder of the Viatorians, Fr. Louis Querbes, chose the little known 4th Century saint from rural France to be the patron of his new community.

Viatorian associates were recognized

“St. Viator was a lector and a catechist, meaning he not only read the gospels but he lived them out — and as a catechist, he taught the faith,” Fr. Francis said.

Fr. Francis added that the word, ‘Viator’ means traveler, and by extension he interpreted that to mean he was a risk-taker and one who placed his trust in God’s mercy and love.

“Through the model of Viator, we are called to joyfully serve others,” Fr. Francis added, “and to look for ways we can reach out and bring God’s love to people — in a world that sorely needs it.”