What do the Viatorians have to do with the Lord Mayor of Killarney, Niall Kelleher? Their worlds came together on Thursday, courtesy of Andrew Kelleher, a 1986 graduate of Saint Viator High School and the mayor’s cousin.

Mr. Brian Liedlich, right, presents Lord Mayor Niall Kelleher with a Saint Viator cap, while his cousin, Andrew Kelleher, left, looks on

Andrew Kelleher helped to arrange a tour of his home town of Barrington for the mayor. Their itinerary started with a visit to St. Anne School and attending an all-school Mass celebrated by Fr. Joji Thanugundla, associate pastor.

“Any time you come this far away, and have so many people praying for you, it’s a great day,” the mayor quipped.

During the day, the mayor received a key to the village of Barrington in light of Killarney being named its Sister City. But he also received something more tangible: a red lion pin and cap, signifying him as an honorary supporter of Saint Viator High School.

(L-R) Lord Mayor Niall Kelleher, Tom Ramsden, Fr. Joji Thanugundla and Brian Liedlich

“I wanted to build on the Irish Catholic connection between the two communities,” Andrew Kelleher said, whose law firm, Kelleher & Buckley, helped to start Saint Viator’s Summer Work Study & Internship Program. “My kids went to St. Anne’s and now Saint Viator, and they couldn’t have gotten a better education.”

Mr. Brian Liedlich, president of Saint Viator, presented the mayor with the red lion pin, which he wore throughout the rest of the visit.

“Saint Viator was built on the shoulders of many people of Irish descent,” he said, pointing to Fr. Patrick Cahill, CSV, and Mr. Patrick Mahoney, longtime dean of men, among others. “We have a lot of Irish heritage in our history,” Mr. Liedlich said. “Plus, it’s fun to be a part of this.”