Separate #MarchforOurLives demonstrations took place at cities across the country, and in at

Br. John Eustice, lower left, at March for Our Lives in Chicago

least two of them — Chicago and Las Vegas — Viatorians were there, called by their charism to accompany young people in their faith development.

“I stand with these young people. Marching against gun violence is a pro life issue, too,” said Br. John Eustice, CSV, who accompanied marchers from Saint Viator High School’s Justice League and Campus Ministry, as well as Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, and members of the Children of Abraham Coalition, which he started in 2010.

Before the march, two students from Saint Viator’s Justice League, who also are active with the Children of Abraham Coalition, addressed the local crowd.

Sarah McDermott addresses suburban protesters before the Chicago march

Sarah McDermott and Devon Sheehan personify the youth leaders driving the movement in Parkland, FL. Both are taking matters into their own hands, most recently promoting interfaith understanding at a peace camp for middle school students that they planned, and now leading the march for gun control and safety in schools.

“We’re so proud of these young leaders — and how they are championing change,” said Ms. Emily Egan, a campus minister at Saint Viator High School and moderator of its Justice League.

Br. Rob Robertson, left, with fellow marchers

A similar story played out in Las Vegas, where Br. Rob Robertson, CSV, who works in Campus Ministry at Bishop Gorman High School, accompanied young marchers who gathered at the Smith Center and marched to city hall.

“It was a great day,” Br. Rob said simply.

The march in Las Vegas was particularly poignant, as the memory of the mass shooting which took place Oct. 1 and killed 58 people at a music festival, still traumatizes residents.

Sentiments on the signs resonated with marchers, but Br. Rob summed it up this way: “Enough is enough!”