In a world faced with all sorts of restrictions , the new Viatorian Youth Connection hit all the right notes.

Dan Masterton works to set up the VYConnect session from the Saint Viator High School chapel.

The one-day event — created to fill the void of the Viatorian Youth Congress, which had to be scuttled this year — took place for the second time over Zoom. It was designed as a  way to give young people a space to recharge and reconnect with their faith — and the Viatorian Community.

Dan Masterton and Fr. Dan Hall relax before the opening Mass.

This month’s VYConnect took place Sunday in advance of St. Viator Day, celebrated by Viatorians around the world on Oct. 21.  Consequently, with the help of young adult leaders, the two-hour event featured prayer, as well as small and large group reflection, centered around the Viatorian’s patron saint and how he continues to be relevant today.

Fr. Dan Hall, CSV, Provincial, opened the afternoon with a liturgy.

“A Christian has to pay the piper,” Fr, Hall said. “The cost is loving others as ourselves and loving God above all else. Nothing else works. But some of us try to finesse it. We treat religion as an insurance policy. We pray the premium of attending to God and then consider ourselves covered.”

His description of a faith life that thrives with active participation, set up the VYConnect session with young people.

Br. Peter Lamick recounts the life of St. Viator

“His call to action led right into our discussion about the life of Viator and the role that faith played in his life,” said Dan Masterton, Assistant Vocation Minister.

Jason Wilhite offers his own reflections during the afternoon.

Br. Peter Lamick, CSV, offered a presentation during the session as well as one from Jason Willhite, campus minister at Saint Viator High School.

The chance to connect with Viatorians and other young people their age, drew teens and young adults from nearly all of the places where Viatorians minister, and nearly twice as many as the first VYConnect in August. The event even drew two students from the Viatorians’ newest school, Cristo Rey St. Viator College Preparatory High School in North Las Vegas.

“This format is something we hope to continue doing,” Br. John says, “like over holidays and breaks in school. It’s a great way to keep young people connected.”