One of the mainstays of the Viatorian Youth Congress — going back to the very first one in 2010 — is the interviews delegates do with Viatorians, including associates and professed.

Delegates introduce Fr. Jason Nesbit to the crowd.

Working from a script of questions, young people ask how they met the Viatorians, what convinced them to join the community, where they have served and perhaps their reflection on an important contribution.

After spending time in these interviews, the whole group convenes and each team of young people introduce their Viatorian to the crowd. It’s a unique element of the congress that delegates remember long after the last day.

At the same time, Viatorians enjoy being interviewed by interested young people. It gives them a chance to make a connection, share a little bit about their vocation and advance the Viatorian charism to a new generation.

The interviews help advance the theme of this year’s congress: responding to God’s invitation, and where God might be inviting young people in light of VYC.

Delegates introduce Associate Ken Barrie.

“I have made so many good friendships with the Viatorians,” says Patrick Aller, the young adult coordinator of this year’s congress, his eighth. “To be able to come back, is the chance to rekindle those relationships and strengthen my faith. It just keeps building.”

In all, there are 55 delegates and leaders involved in this year’s congress, interacting with nearly 20 Viatorians throughout the four days. Their sessions end Thursday, when they hear about different social justice initiatives being carried out by the Viatorians. Delegates hear the presentations and discuss action plans that they can bring back to their own school or parish.

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