The Viatorian Community began ministering in Belize in 1998 and remained there until 2014, when

Adriana Villegas

they turned over St. Francis Xavier Parish to the Franciscans. But they still support its families through financial contributions and scholarships.

During a recent trip back to Corozal Town, Fr. Dan Hall, CSV — who co-founded the mission with Bishop Christopher Glancy, CSV — visited with local families and came away assured that the Viatorians still make a difference.

Fr. Dan Hall, CSV

One of the recipients of a Viatorian scholarship to attend the local high school, Corozal Community College, graduated at the top of her class. Adriana Villegas earned the scholarship all four years and she graduated with a 3.99 grade point average. She was named salutatorian and addressed her classmates.

Adriana Villegas addresses her classmates

She expressed thanks to the Viatorian Community for giving her the opportunity to achieve her high school education, noting that the family that had adopted her did not have the financial resources to make this possible.

Adriana now will continue her secondary education at Corozal Junior College, where she intends to pursue a two-year associate degree in accounting and business. Her goal, she says, is to earn a master’s degree in accounting, before opening her own business. Ultimately, Adriana hopes to establish a program that addresses hunger and makes food accessible to the less fortunate.

“Her story demonstrates that our commitment to this scholarship is not just an expense,” Fr. Hall says, “but an investment.”